A good season


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It's over now. They seem to always go pretty fast. My pup and I wrapped up a good year of chasing feathers around the state. We started with grouse in September and wrapped up hunting the salt for one last duck hunt. A fun year overall with lots of memorable flushes, heartbreaking misses, great retrieves and lots of new country covered. We saw some really cool stuff, coyote dens, lots of deer, a cougar and shot some new species. It is always fun to hunt new areas and we did a lot of that this year. Hope everybody had great and safe year! Can't wait for next September! View attachment 38587 View attachment 38588 View attachment 38589 View attachment 38590 View attachment 38591 View attachment 38592 View attachment 38593


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looks like a fun year and some good hunting companions there. You will have many more good years, memories with your dogs. Cannot imagine hunting now without my dog.

Thanks for sharing
Great pictures. Very emotional for a guy who spent the past season recovering from knee surgery. I particularly liked your last picture of your Lab and the duck.

Says it all.

All season my Golden came down to my man cave, sniffed the duck hunting gear, fixed me in her stare, and asked what the hell's wrong with you?


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Hope you recover soon Bushwacker... like someone said earlier its all about the dog. Pretty tough to sit a season out. The next one is only a couple hundred days and change away. Time to go fishing again and get that knee into shape!
Yeah wasnt a very bad year for us at all, 1 mule deer 3x2, 2 quail, over 100 ducks(mostly wigdeon and pintail, saidly we shot more spoonbills, teal, and every other ducks then mallards), 1 goose and 1 banded drake mallard banded in Alberta, the mallard was about 6 or 7yrs old.
Where were you hunting that saltwater at? And where did you see that cougar



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Saw the cougar in the Olympics and the saltwater is some private property I am lucky enough to have access to. Sounds like you had a good year Top!