Pattern pencil poppers

Anyone have a good recipe for pencil poppers? Tips or suggestions for painting the foam? I have a packet of #4 poppers I'm tying up... targeting mostly rainbows and dollies feeding on spring smolt in Alaska.



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I always just liked Lani's pearl popper style or ease of tying. just use a marker on the back, put some mylar tubing on, and it even makes it's own tail:thumb: Search it up. If you're handy with epoxy, it's the way to go if you're doing poppers like that. I quit them after I discovered the gurgler, and later the crease fly.
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These are some of the poppers I do using the Perfect Popper Kits. They are very simple and you can get great results on the hook and in the water. The biggest thing is getting the hook in the slot properly. You can use strait epoxy but I like to thicken it with micro-ballons because I have it. Best of luck.