Swap Chironomid Swap 16 or smaller Spring 2011

I finished my flies last night and dropped them off to Ira. I was not happy with them, and had a talk with Ira about what I was trying to accomplish and what I tried to get there. He gave me some really good advice, and was actually optomistic about mine catching fish :D . Then he pulled out one of his boxes of flies to show me examples about what he was talking about.

It was nice meeting you Ira, thanks again for the advice :) Let me know when you have a more definite date for the weekend tying class and fishing, as that sounds like a lot of fun!


Indi "Ira" Jones
They will catch fish Will as will all the bugs I've seen now.

Nice meeting you as well. At this point I'm looking at the last weekend in March but I'll still need to check my wife's schedule.

Sorry to you all if I'm the delay, I should have sent the size 16's earlier but wanted to get the no holds chironomids in with them. I'd hoped it would turn around in just a day, but it definitely should be there tomorrow.
Ira glad to see that they got to you, I have mutch to learn about tying, tagging and packing. yet, very happy that the got there in time and since I have caught fish on them, I know all others will as well. Thank you for hosting.


Indi "Ira" Jones
All flies in and packaged up. I didn't end up making it home until 4:20 today to check the mail, so I didn't have enough time to package them all up to send them out in the mail today, but I will hit the post office first thing tomorrow.

If you are in both swaps, I'm going to wait and mail out both just waiting on one tier.

troutpocket, I'll bring you yours this weekend
mrcoachman, willburrrr2003, and Chef, you can pick yours up when you are ready.

Good looking bugs.

One last request! I need someone to take pics. My camera ended up with a Lens error and I can't fix it and the turn around on it will be a bit. So please if you are up for it let me know. I'll also need you to post them.



Indi "Ira" Jones
Chef, they will catch fish as will all the flies in the swap.

What you need to do is carve out a time for you and your wife to have dinner with me and my wife. From there we sit down and we tie. I can give you all the feedback you need while in front of a vise.


LOVE the tags by the way!


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Me too, my wife brought mine in a bit ago. Very cool little flies everybody, need to bring a magnifier light fishing with me. Thanks to Ira and the rest of you.
I am delighted with all the wonderful 'Mids from everyone :D :thumb: I have them organized nicely in my new box just for 'Mids . I haven't seen any pics of them posted yet, so Here are the ones I took :beer1:

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I can't wait to get out and fish with them :cool: Thanks to all that participated, and again thanks to Ira for hosting the swap :beer1:


Indi "Ira" Jones
Thanks for taking some pics. As I said my camera is down so if anyone else could take them for the gallery that would be much appreciated.


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