Pass Lake- my 1st Brown

Went out to Pass today at sunrise. Launched the new/used pontoon and headed for the bank to cast at the brush. I started off with a new streamer I tied up thinking about the Browns in Pass.
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Saw a few fish breaking the surface, some within casting range, but nobody was interested in what I was offering. Tried a few other patterns; leeches, rabbit strip minnows, but no love. I worked my way along the shoreline, casting and trolling, and it began to feel like a skunk. Then, as my curfew was rapidly approaching, I thought "I came out here to fish my big streamer". So I tied on the marabou streamer again, started casting and stripping, and within 5 casts, I felt like I snagged a log-but the log moved. Good strong fight, took me awhile to get him in to the boat.
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This was my first brown, and it sure was fun. Just a couple other guys on the lake this morning. The feet got a bit cold, but it was calm and beautiful. The eagles and otters were around the whole time. I'll take more one-fish days at Pass if this is what the one fish are going to be like.
Nice fish! You must've been the other one who started before daylight. First part of the day was dismal out there so you were in good company...not sure when you took out but it didn't really turn on till late morning.

Hope next time makes 3 for 3!


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will: martha lake is tough. dont beat yourself up. you did well out there. Pass it catch and release.... martha is not. remember that!

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