Hey all you cottage lake regulars


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Hello all. I'm relatively new to the area (okay, really new), and have a 4 month old and 19 month old, so I consider myself lucky to have Cottage lake 10 minutes from my house. I make it once a week on a weekday evening, and always have a ball. Average 4 fish an outing, but sometimes it's hard work! Run into fly fishers every time too. Would enjoy corresponding with other cottage regulars about what works for them, what doesn't, and where the heck the crappie hide! Found the perch last week :)

Rob Blomquist

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Ok, that describes me. I live about 15 minutes away, and love to fish there. If you want to know, I am the guy that covers the lake fly fishing out of my canoe. Typically I am on the lake on Wednesday or Thursday nights and maybe weekend afternoon/evenings.

I have found that the trout seem to repond well to both soft hackles and wooley buggers. I am not interested in catching the hatchery fish, I am looking for the bigger fish, and I fish deeper for them.

I have not caught any spiney rays this year, but the action should start up soon.


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I fish out of a green fat cat. I'll fin over if I see a canoeist flingin' the long line... with tight loops :) Most of my "good" fish have come relatively shallow (top 3 feet) but with mind numbingly slow retrieves of the fly types you mentioned. Nothing on a midge imitation in 15 trips! I've given up on them! Haven't gone deep yet since I'm not sure of the bottom contours. Might have to take the pontoon boat out with the "fishin' buddy" and map the lake one of these days... You might have an answer to this question: Is there a self sustaining cutt population? I've caught some gorgeous ones in a wide range of sizes. Had an absolute monster break me off 2 saturdays ago. 4X didn't stand a chance. It wasn't a knot break either, it was absolutely clean! See you out there!


Hey Philster, go to www.nwfishing.com. Click on lakes. they have a topo map of cottage lake there. In fact they have lots of lakes there with topo maps.

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