Who, What, Where and Why?

Rick Todd

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Triploid Junkie cause he lives in and fishes great water and has tons of knowledge
Mumbles-I like his sense of humor and he has almost as many boats as I do!
Jack Chinook-would live to backpack with him to some remote lakes
Derek Young-really knows the Yak and seems like a stand up guy
Kjsteelhead-I met him Thursday at an after school class for fly fishing ( I helped with the tying) he does at Blaine middle school and it is impressive what a great teacher he is and how he is teaching the love of fly fishing to middle school kids.
UptonO-we like to do a lot of the same things and are about the same age.
There are many others but this is a start.

stewart dee

Me = WW so we can listen to old reels scream with hot tail walking Steelies. (on the Skagit)


I would like to fish with the guys who live on the river and don't have access to internet forums.

and for reality...

Mike Kinney...not a poser

Tubefly and gb skunk...guys I fish with from Kelowna...been on the rivers a long time and are good people..

Ralffish- like a brother though half the time I want to kick him in his bad hip...

Stew D snores and wears goofy hats...still debating on him...

Where....Thompson, Smithers, Dean.....

Why....If you have to ask that then never mind...


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If I was to list all the people here that I have fished with and drank with I would probably miss a lot of names. So I'm not putting any names out there. But I did meet KerryS once. It was on the N/F Stilly at Hazel. We were looking at the water from up above and just wondering if it was worth it..
I remember that day. I didn't know who you were and you asked me about getting down behind the firehall. I think you knew all along and was checking if I would share info with you, you sly old bastard.


Hey you guys
This is going to be a bit different because I want to go fishing with their Avatar or Profile.

OMJ-for his wit, wisdom, humor and whiskey.
Mumbles-cause you have to have laughs.
AvidAngler-just to give OMJ something to play with if bored.
Bare Brothers-just to give OMJ someone to talk to.
Hedburner-cause he needs to get out.
Jason-just in case I get hungry.
Jay Allyn-cause it is a party ship.
SAJordan-only cause I don't know what the hell it is.
Tatanka-because I love the time period and culture, love to talk to Sitting Bull.
Wonderwoman-(profile) just because, name says it all.
Zack Dudley-in case OMJ gets cold.
LadyBug-just cause it is so damn cute.
Leroy Laviolet-????? Mumbles.
Mingo-well, you figure it out.


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Mike Doughty, browns, Utah, 'cause Mike knows his shit about moving water and I don't.

Rowdy, anything, anywhere, 'cause I haven't seen him in a long time...

Yard and Bhudda, trouts, Dry Falls, so I can laugh my ass off around the evening bonfire...and get schooled during the day

My good friend Tracy, rainbows, Chopaka, 'cause that's where it all started for me decades ago...

Ed Call

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Chris Scoones, Backyard, AlpineTrout, Bhudda, Matney and MacRowdy...who cares where, but not all at one time. I've heard stories.

Roper, Islander, IveofIone, Upton O and other guys in their friend group...they likely know where. Talk about an on the water education.

Trout Master, the name says it all. Add Rick and Scott to that group...and we are working that party...another on the water school is in session dumb Mumbles day.

KerryS and _WW_ this should be pretty obvious why...where? Either one of their summer fisheries to the south with two handers or one of their local fisheries with single handers. They both know why.

Except for Chris and Islander I've not yet fished with any of these folks. Only met a couple of others. Hell, nearly everyone is on my list. My total list would likely take years to accomplish, if it ever could be done.

There are a number of friends that have welcomed me into their fishing friend group. Not sure why they did that and not sure why they've not thrown me out, but I'm happy to fish with each and every one of them.


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winston churchill, skagit river, cause the man drinks scotch, and likes a good cigar
We will land them on the beaches! We will land them on the Bars! A Skagit Caster does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality.

Ed Call

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Great call on Mr. Mike. That would be worth the road trip!

Salmo_g would be great too. We've met, he knows I'm a fool...and no threat to the fish.


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Me = WW so we can listen to old reels scream with hot tail walking Steelies. (on the Skagit)
Hell yes , fishing with WW is a fun day , as for hot tail walking steelies on the skagit. Unless you can get a hold of Professor Peabodys wayback machine that ain't going to happen!!
IveofIone------just to learn from him would be great plus he lives in a beautiful part of the state.
Triploidjunkie---------to learn to fish Rufus
Islander---------but thats gonna happen this friday @Pass.
Mumbles---------because he needs a brownie and a tiger,And he is just a real nice guy.
Jeff Bandy-------see Islander.
Yellowlab-------He is a stillwater King,I am just a grasshopper compared to him.


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I'd like to fish the beaches of San Juan Island with Roger Stephens and Cabezon. Lots of fishing and species info to be gained there! Oh yeah and miyawaki!