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I received a charcoal smoker for my 5 year gift at work and finally got to test it out this past weekend. Holy Cow, smoked steelhead is the best thing I have ever had!! I marinated the chunks of fish in soy sauce, brown sugar, and salt water. I used root beer, brown sugar, and water for the water pan that creates the moisture while cooking, and then coated the chunks in the smoker with brown sugar. I used mesquite briquets for the charcoal and wow. I just ate a hole bag full of it and cant quit drooling!! I

can not wait to catch more next weekend for the smoker!!

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Sounds good.How about the recipe?How much of each ingredient and how long did you marinate it?I'd like to try it.Sounds like my smoker is just like yours.


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Well the marinade is made up of 2/3 cup of "special salt"?? I cant remember the name of it but its simply bigger salt granules than normal salt. I added that to about 2 1/2 quarts of water and 1/3 cup soy sauce and let the chunks marinate for about 12 hours. I rinsed them off in cold water and set em on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes while I prepared the smoker. In the water pan I added one 2 liter of root beer and the rest was water....with some brown sugar, maybe 1/2 cup or so?? I placed the meat on the racks and sprinkled them with brown sugar. Smoke for about 3 hours 15 minutes. Maybe a little too long but it still turned out excellent. I didnt really have any real recipe?? Next time I will use more root beer during the smoking.

I cant wait to get home and eat the other bag of meat!! LOL
~Patrick ><>


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you are supposed to use "kosher" or non-iodized salt. Dont know why, but I have a big recipe book that came with my smoker that has in big bold print, that use need to use non-iodozed salt.


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Here's another method, not smoking, but an excellent second...

Prosciutto rosemary wrapped Salmon/Steelhead

One serving of a fillet (skin removed)lightly rubbed with olive oil and crushed black pepper. place one slice of prosciutto on cutting board or dish, place fillet perpendicular over slice. Place one rosemary sprig over fillet, fold ends of prosciutto over. Place another slice on cutting board and wrap another slice around fillet, make sure to have fold on opposite side of previous layer.

Place on heated grill aproximately 5 minutes per side, or a little more depending on thickness of fillet. Prosciutto will become a crispy outer layer; which will keep the fish from drying out...remove rosemary spring before serving.

Bob Triggs

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I tried smoking steelhead once; The paper kept getting too soggy to light and I was choking and coughing so much I could barely inhale or keep the smoke in my lungs.
Im on the straight and narrow these days...

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