Rod tube rack/display for the house?

So for the longest time I've just had my rod tubes (5) leaning up against the back of my guest bedroom closet. Most times I grab one, I've got to make sure the rest don't come crashing down. It got me thinking… does anybody make a decent rack for holding fly rod tubes? Maybe even something of a display rack?

I'm looking it up on the web, but everything I see is for holding/displaying the actual rod. That's not what I want. I've got a small house with low ceilings and nothing like that would work. Plus, I just want to be able to grab the thing and go.

I think it would be cool to have a nice wooden rack holding up your rod tubes situated next to your tying desk. It would make for a good wood working project if I was more experienced with that. Not to mention a good money maker if somebody was entrepreneurial enough.

Anybody seen or know of anything like that? Thanks.
i have a ceiling mounted rack in my garage...but it is for both gear rods and fly rods lol.

i'm sure you could use the same design to hold tubes. it's essentially just two wood slats about 4 ft long and 3 to 4 in wide, and hung from the ceiling about 5 in down, suspended by rope.

just an idear..


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Huge decorative ceramic pot, like a big plant pot. Five tubes would fit in that easy. Have friends that used to use such a pot for their skis, poles and snowboards next to the entry door to catch the water. Good for umbrellas too.
That's a nice rack.

Could make Something That stands the tubes up at an angle, each tube would have their own circle. If that makes sense. Or even a circle table that stands them straight up.
For 4 of the 5 rods, the tubes are 30". The largest diameter is 2.25" for the 10wt. The other rod is a 3 piece, so that tube is 39". But… in the next year or so I see that being traded in for a 4 piece also.

Tyler… I like the wall rack with the simple oak strips and dowels. Even I can manage that kind of woodwork!


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Get a piece of cedar log about a foot in diameter and about a foot high. Strip the bark and bore about 6 holes in it evenly spaced and at least 6'' deep. Sand the top smooth to bring out the end grain and give the whole thing 2 or 3 coats of satin varnish. Voila!-an instant rod rack with a small footprint that is hell for stout and will be a handsome addition to any man cave.

Forstner bits are available in large sizes to cut the holes. It might be possible to use a heavy hand drill to bore the holes but finding someone with a drill press would be preferable.

I actually have a rack that I made for my garage door. Two 2x4 pieces of wood vertically wedged in between the top and bottom of one of the panels. I use some pole holders (1pr. per rod tube) I bought from some yachting place in Michigan. They have different sized diameters and they hold my 4-piece rod tubes just fine. I can go take a few pictures of it over the weekend and post them.