Portland Sportsman Show

Getting off work at 3pm heading accross the bridge to see John Hazel at 4pm. Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska at 5pm because I'm heading up there for 2 weeks, Jim Teeny at 6pm then a presentation by Red's Fly Shop at 7pm, dinner, home made corn dogs, then hitting the sale booths. Looking for one of those hood and roof rack mounted rod holders, I'm getting tired of breaking them down between holes and then more junk. Can't get enough junk:thumb:

I don't think our show has as much fly fishing stuff as the show up north but it will still be fun
The show was OK but there was't many local fly shops in attendance. A couple shops from the Deschutes area, River City, Reds Fly Shop and Jim Teeny and Beaula had booth's. I would have thought that with the new shops opening in the Portland Metro area some of them might be there. No Orvis, no Royal Treatment, seemed to be 1/3 fishing and 2/3 hunting and of that only a hand ful of fly stuff.
Jim Teeny put on a good nymph tying show and the guys from Reds Fly Shop in Ellensburg had a great slide show presentation on their lodge services and highlights on the Yakima and Methow, well done guys!

All in all we spent 4 1/2 hours there and had a good time. Brought home a few items I couldn
t live without and would have probably boought more stuff if it would have been there. I would give it a C+ to a B-
I was there yesterday and was really disappointed with the lack of fly stuff there. I talked to fishermans and asked them if they had any fly stuff on sale... They said NO. What is up with it? Looking forward to the fly show in albany in march I think.
Ya, that's one reason I have a hard time supporting our local shops. They are kind of posers. I get most of my stuff from the our sponsors here. Allen, Gig Harbor, Reds, Hills ect. There really was not much fly stuff there, I agree and surely no show deals.

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