Oars on the Outlaw rampage

I bought a Rampage model with Dave scadden. First there was the leaky valves, so I got someone new. I got tested the boat with the standard OARS that comes with the boat. I do not understand that they make a boat, where you can only give quart gas because of the implications such a shitty oar with the boat. The standard oar costs $23 What's going on in Dave scadden

I've seen youtube videos where he have some oars, which are black shaft, white paddles, and red handle grip.

Does anyone know where they can be bought and what they cost. I would not have the yellow carbon oar. Or those with orange paddle as I've seen on video also.

he does not make some video clip where he uses the standard OARS I wonder why :). :beathead:

what has the experience with the standard aluminum oar is in the boat

thanks for helping all

Ed Call

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Welcome to the greatest fly fishing forum on the planet. Sad that your first post is an incoherent railing on a major equipment manufacturer. Hope your future posts are more informative or entertaining.
You can buy any size shape and configuration of oar from just about any pontoon or drift boat manufacturer or decent sized retailer.... Try Cabelas first.

At least that's what I think you were asking?

sorry for my bad english. I´am not from Usa
From europe

Thanks anyway.

What I´am asking is, that the oar´s that comes with the Outlaw Rampage, is a piece off S......

What do you mean about the standard oars

Jim Wheeler

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The carbon oars Scadden touts were actually developed by us probably 6-7 years ago and are built by Sawyer Paddles and Oars in Oregon. After testing we decided to go to an aramid fabric instead which increses the flex of the oar and are just as strong making them more comfortable to row with. You might be able to get them through Sawyer, maybe from Scadden and for sure from us. They aren't cheap ($205 for 6 1/2') but they are the best oar you will ever buy.

Jim Wheeler
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First off, the frameless models DO require a special oar with the hole in the middle. So, you have to pick the oars that will work with that.
The Carbon yellow Oars are not made for the frameless, but he does sell some custom oars.
I can't speak for the Rampage, but the oars that come stock with the Renegade although, a little shorter that I like, work just fine. All in getting use to them and that only takes a few strokes. They are made shorter for pack ability. A little give and take.


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That's right, I remember someone saying that awhile back...LOL I was looking at the older NFO catalog. But of course, why wouldn't there be.
At any rate, they are special oars with a hole in them, that is all. I have them but no hole, for my X5. I can go from longer carbon oars on my X5 to the shorter stock ones on my Renegade and adjust pretty easily is all I am saying. I don't think the oars suck, just different.
Just my opinion though...others may vary...LOL


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Yes!!!!! They are like sling shots...you can really fly with them. There is a big difference, but in addition to that...do you need them? No, but they do make it easier and faster, and soooo much nicer.

I will admit, I am awaiting a pair myself.