Still Water Solutions material


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I was at PPF on saturday and bought 12 pkgs of the midge Flex. great stuff. I paint my own tungsten beads sizes to 3/32 with Krylon paint.

Tried to paint some, but it chips off very easy. I am sure baking on has something to do with it. I know there is a powder for lures that you have to bake on, that might be an option.
A better product is vinyl jig paint. Very tough stuff and nothing to bake on, just dip and dry. I begin with a white primer then one's chosen color, lasts a long time. Cabelas sells it and so do a number of on-line retailers. Goggle it.


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OR, save the money for the extra paints and what not and buy more WHITE tungsten beads, that don't cost any more than regular Tungsten....just sayin'....LOL
Blue, yes the stillwater beads are pricey, I buy my tungsten beads from a shop close to me and they are half what other shops want for them. I wont say the shops name since they are not a site sponser.

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