A Few "Firsts" Today


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Skinny and I were at it again today on the Peninsula. What an amazing day, sun, eagles, perfect flows.....and bent rods! There is no place like the Peninsula!

6 things happened today that were all "firsts" for me.

1 - Catching a fish on one of my Spey flies
2 - Catching my first, second, and 3rd Dollies
3 - Catching my first fish on my new spey rod
4 - having my first 2 steelhead to hand day
5 - Catching my first and second NATIVE steelhead
6 - Catching my first "Winter" Steelhead.......x2

What an amazing day! The pics arent digital as my batteries decided to die, so I gotta do it the long way. No worries - all fish stayed IN the water and were quickly released! I hope this was not a freak accident kinda day today and I will go the rest of the winter season just practicing my casting. Owell, if it happens that way - DAMN it was fun while it lasted. All confidence and hope have been fully restored since the last steelhead I touched was in October. :thumb
A Few

> Care to say which

Yes he does care! Real steelheaders do not name rivers in fishing reports and real steelheaders do not need fishing reports to catch fish.


Banned or Parked
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>> Care to say which
>Yes he does care! Real steelheaders do not name
>rivers in fishing reports and real steelheaders do not
>need fishing reports to catch fish.

It sure is easy to believe the disproportionately high suicide rate in this state during the winter months. People sure turn into a bunch of anal-retentive a$$holes this time of year.


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Again we show that fly fishing is a gentlemen's sport! Bravo Swinger, Bravo!

I am glad to read that all the people on this site, me included, that mentioned where we catch steelhead, are not real steelheaders in your dictionary.

Oh yeah by the way, way to go Luv2flyfish! Congrats on a great day!!!! :beer2

speycast, the I don't own of these rivers guy and will tell you where I fish.


Another Flyfisherman
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I will not be a stick in the mud and will share the location (but not the EXACT location). We fished a river that is North of the Quinault.......but South of the Bogey, and it wasnt the Hoh. }(

Sharp Steelie

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Glad you had a great day - congrats. The OP is the
place to be this time of year.:thumb
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Good job and a good report! I'm heading over there on Sunday to fish. I havent been to the peninsula in about 12 years and I'm highly anticipating this trip. It's great to hear reports like yours when regarding winter steelhead.


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