Nikon D60 battery life


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I put the battery in the charger the other night and when it indicated that charging was complete I popped the battery into the camera, but it still indicated that the battery was dead.
It doesn't seem like this battery has been through so many charging cycles that it should be completely toast! Can anybody tell me what the expected life of these batteries should be?


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Batteries do unfortunately just plain wear out. Fortunately enough, there are about a million and five cheap replacements on ebay. I bought a pack of three and they actually work just fine. I've had them over a year and a half and have used the same cheapo ones for my camcorder and cameras.

Is the charger charging? I have a D70 so i am assuming you have proprietary batteries for the D60 like I do. I bought a spare not made by Nikon (much less $) and it seems to work just fine. I always buy stuff like that from You might try taking it to a store that sells Nikons and trying one of their batteries in your camera. Good luck.
Before you buy new batteries, try cleaning the connecting terminal between lens and body. my D80 had the same problem so i used a qtip and some rubbing alcohol, cleaned the terminal on both lens and body and battery life was back to normal.

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