Pattern Possie Bugger


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This fly is an important part of any fly box fishing the upper Willamette Valley trout streams and rivers down here in Oregon. ( MFW, Mac) Dressed in sizes from 6 to 16, with and without rubber legs tyed at the thorax.

This is the version off my bench. If I could just present it properly, I might catch a fish.:hmmm:

Hook: 3399 Mustad ( #8 shown)
thread black 6/0
Tunstron gold bead
.20 lead wire under thorax
tail: opossum mylar peacock tinsel, each side
rear 2/3 body: opossum dubbed
ribbing: .25 copper wire
legs : grouse, partridge, each side or wrapped ( one turn) (I prefer shorter than body length)
Thorax: black ICE sparke dub


Put bead on hook and slide to front , place hook in jaws

Wrap 10 turns of lead wire and push forward

Begin thread , overwrap lead to rear and back several times to secure lead. Add cement

Tie tail fibers in then hold mylar strips on each side of tail and tye them in

Tye in rib wire and then dub the body material forward with a slight taper 4/5ths of the way

Bring rib forward 4 turns and tye off and cement.

Tye in legs or wrap leg feather. cement

Dub black dubbing to bead in a further taper. Tye off and finish