How do you tell who made a Winston IM6 flyrod?

I know numbers are one way. I have one with a serial number over 69'000.

Based on the ferrule configuration, I think it is a Fisher Blank. The ferrules have a gap between sections like other Fisher Rods I have purchased.

My question is this: were all these rods built Fisher Style, or did Loomis and Winston use a different type of ferrule?

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Have you tried asking Winston?
I called them a few years ago to identify a bamboo rod based on its serial number and they were able to identify the original owner, the year and month is was built, who designed the taper, who managed the shop at that time, the length, the rod weight, line weight and a bunch of other information. All this for a 45 year old rod.

Hopefully they can do this or something similar for an older graphite rod.

As Tim said, call Winston for the exact date, which will give you all the info you are asking for. From your serial number I think it is well past the Fisher era and possibly past the Loomis era as well. I remember reading the change from GLoomis IM6 blanks to Winston IM6/WT blanks was around #43,500, but I could be wrong so I'd call to make sure. I also remember they used Fisher blanks up to 1988, then GLoomis blanks from 1989 to 1994 when Winston started rolling their own blanks. Good luck, They're great rods.

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