Alagnak River In June

The Overlake Flyfishers is hosting two float fly fishing trips down the Alagnak RIver in June and needs a couple more fly fishers to join us. We will fly in to Nonvianuk Lake, and float the Nonvianuk River down to the Alagnak, and then float another 30 miles before our pull out, fly fishing all the way. We will camp on the river in 5 different spots, and fish for the aggressive Alagnak River rainbows. Because it is a club sponsored trip, we have fellow club members - two Past Presidents and a past VP rowing and helping us dop this float. Here are the dates and the costs.
June 7-18 Alagnak - $2500 Rainbows and Grayling
June 18-26 Alagnak - $2000 Rainbows and Grayling
Let us know if you might want to join us. Contact one of the past presidents - Dick Lange at