What the heck is this?

nice report ed! nice fish too! i took a trip with joe a few years ago, what a great guy and worked super hard to put us on fish. congrats!
Hey guys...I am impressed beyond words at you guys catching those beautiful fish on a fly rod.
Figuring where they hang, how to get it there , then hooking them ..and then managing to somehow get a frikken freight train into a net. Incredible skills you have acquired.
I had never fished for steelhead anywhere before, using any method until a dark sider took me out this weekend.
Oh my gawd. I want to catch one on a fly rod, Bad.

Old Man

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Well I just composed a book to add to this thread and I hit a wrong button and it went to lala land. So now I have to do it all over again.

So bite me Mumbles. At least we see you putting it back into the water. Are you sure you caught that fish ??

The weather here sucks. Was going to head out to the Beaverhead this afternoon but we have that shitty white shit falling out of the sky. I hate snow. It's been on the ground here since before Thanksgiving. And no, I haven't hit the Ruby yet this year. Same reason, the snow.

Well both Joe and Brazda guide out of Twin Bridges. The Stone Fly Inn is their base.

Have a nice day................................Are you sure you caught that fish ??????????????????????????????????


Ed Call

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Jim, hard as it is to believe, I caught that fish, brought it to the net and Joe netted it. Seth got in place with the camera and we unbuttoned photographed and released it in just a few seconds. Beautiful wild fish. Seth caught one earlier that day that was much larger than mine. Sorry you can't get out on the Beaverhead or Ruby because of the snow. Hope it passes soon and you can get out.

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