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I am getting the ich to get out and hit some small lake around home. Does anyone one know about when the "Ice Off" hits around the Spokane area. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am relatively knew to the region so info places to go would be great too.
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Fish till ya drop.
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I wouldn't wait for Spokane to thaw. I'd head for the Moses Lake area
right now cause there's fishable water there several weeks before Spokane area lakes.
The Spokane River is open year 'round downstream of the Upriver Dam.

You might also take a look at the Seep Lakes south of O'Sullivan Dam. I visited that area briefly last summer and was intrigued by the beauty and the possible fishing potential. I'm sure there are others who have fished this area much more extensively than I have. Check the regs. Things change there pretty regularly.

Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

All I will say is check your regs. Some lakes are open year around, some are open starting March 1, and some follow the regular season. Watch it.
Alla those little lakes are capable of good fishing when in shape and not fulla sunfish and water right. You just gotta keep exploring till you hit fish.
The main O'Sullivan Rez at the mouths of the wasteaways can be dang good fishing if the wind is down. Good Luck. Explore.
I was aware of the Spokane River and plan on hitting it this weekend. I gues there is a small section of the Little Spokane that is also open. When I was working for the park service out at Lake Roosevelt I heard of and saw a small lake that is part of Lake Roosevelt. Its down by the dam. Supposedly there is some decent fishing to be had but I have no first hand info on that. AHH, the possibilities. Thanks for the info. Ill give a report on the Spokane after Saturday.

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Last weekend I fished Rocky Ford, while I was driving home I saw that Lake Lenore was still partially frozen over, Dry Falls was mostly frozen over and The other and park.. were also frozen over. I do, however, imagine that they will be clear by the time that the season opener comes around. The Spokane area should clear up about a week or less after the Moses lake area clears. If you want some excellent fishing around there you should check out Cow creek. It flows out of sprauge lake and has some truly awesome trout fishing.

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Went to 4th of July on Saturday Feb 23. No ice. The weeds are higher than the past. Had to adjust methods but caught fish. Made my day releasing a 15" fish in front of a young woman in a boat. "Why are you doing that?". Told her next year that fish would be 19"! Good to fish with the fish killers, hope they catch on.
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

Hey Flycstr: I live on a cliff overlooking that lake you are talking about and it's shot. All that remains is a few bass and stunted perch and crappie.
Several years back someone (maybe the park service?) planted the lake with keeper trout. Well the lake is full of fresh water shrimp. We had 16" fish by that fall and 19-20" fish by the next year.

The lake was managed with general regulations, so as you can imagine the local power baiters drug them out by the 5 gallon bucketfull and they were gone by end of the second year.

Why no one restocks it I don't know except that it used to be (50 years ago)the sewer outlet for the city of Grand Coulee. It can support monster trout on the shrimp and damselfly base present and could be managed for a great C&R fishery.
If you have any pull with the Park Service.....Start the movement.
The name of the lake by the way is Crescent Bay Lake. :REALLYMAD
Good work on the fish. There are some serious "hogs" in fourth of july. A buddy of mine and I fished it a bunch when I was in Pullman. We ran in to some of the same mentality of "keep every fish you catch". Sometimes it is a bit depressing. Most peopole just let the fish sit in the freezer for a year then toss them.
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It would be nice if they would do something about that wouldn't it. Unfortunately I have zero pull with the NPS. I think that they are leaving most of the fisheries management up to the tribes. I do know that there are some locals around the Hawk Creek, Seven Bays, and Lincoln area that do quite a bit of volunteer work raising trout and releasing them into the lake. It might be worth it to contact them and figure out how one goes about it. Ill do some checking and if your interested, Ill let you know what I find out. Thanks once again for the info.
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