Pictures of my first BOOrod build

This is actually my first build ever. It is a 6'-6" 2pc with extra tip, 4=5wt
Sorry for the bad pictures. I was using a new camera that I haven't quite figured out yet but, you get the idea.
I hope you like it.
I will use the spar varnish on the blank before the eyes are put on and then use the flex coat epoxy. I am at a stand still at the moment, trying to figure out how to sign it with my name and rod specifics. I tried ink from a caligraphy pen but, as soon as the varnish hit it, it desolved and black paint would not flow out of the pen. Maybe I will have to thin out the paint first. Until then, I will put the ferrules on and the tiptops on the top half of the rod. Thanks for your compliments. Any suggestion would also be welcome.


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try writing on the rod after you put on the finish, then put another coat of finish over the writing. you could also put down a layer of color preserver and try writing over the top of that.
This is the process that I use:
Smooth out the first coat of varnish in preparation for the next coat. Use a fine point artist pen like the ZID MILLENNIUM 01 . I purchase these from DickBlick art supply but someone told me that they are available from Wall Mart. Many bamboo rod builders use this type of pen, and it is MUCH easier to use than India ink.
This ink can be wiped away with turpentine or paint thinner for the first few minutes. So it gives you the chance to get the writing just right. I let the ink set for 1 hour then dip or carefully wipe a coat of true oil over the writing.
Nice looking build! I like the wood grip, did you turn it yourself. What type of finish did you use on the grip?

I use a Micron Pen 01 or a 05 (Stationary stores sell them), after the second coat of varnish. I prep the surface by buffing with 0000 steel wool, write on the rod, let it dry completly (if you make a mistake just wipe off with a paper towel) and with a very light touch apply a coat of thinned varnish with a piece of a foam brush.

I did not turn the grip. I ordered it on line. The rod has a coat of varnish. I also, after people had expressed concern about the ferrule, redid it. It looks much nicer now. I also took the finish off where I signed the rod. Signed it with India Ink then recoated it. I did some more rewrapping and I'm ready to put the eyes on. I may get to it this weekend. I have taken more pictures and will post them later. STAY TUNED.
Well, reworked the ferrule and rewrapped it along with the hook keeper. I think you will like the finished product compared to the first try. Here are some pictures of the finished product.

Nice looking rod! The wood grip has my interest with the cost of good cork now days. Did you do anything behind the winding check to reduce the shear effect of the stiff wood grip where it meets the bamboo? I was thinking that a small cone of cork or silicone as a shallow "bushing" inside the wood grip might help ease any stresses at that point. I haven't used a wood grip yet so just wondering how it's done.

I made sure that the masking tape bushings came up to the winding check? I guess that is what that area is called and put a good bit of epoxy. The thing about bamboo, if I'm not mistaken is that all the work is within the top half of the rod. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I have taken the bottom half and false casted it and it feels awesome. I can't wait until the top is done. Maybe I'll finish it next week during Spring break.