Tacoma Narrows fishing report

Just a quick report from my outing today. Took the family down to the Narrows State Park. Fished for about and an hour and a half. Caught 4 silvers and one SRC. The only downside is that I dropped my knot tool in the water and couldn't get it back. All in all a great day of fishing. Going back tomorrow.
I fished to incoming tide just after slack tide. The Coho's were anywhere from 12" to 21". I was using a green and white sand lance pattern on a dead drift then a slow retrieve.
Hey guys, we're doing a survey on resident coho to find out which stocking programs are working best. It would be very helpful if you checked each fish for ventral fin clips before you let them go. Or took one home.

With the wide range in sizes you saw, we'd like to know which hatchery they came from. Just post " Feb 21, 3 fish 12" left ventral clipped, 21" fish adipose only, Narrows bridge." Even this amount of data will help improve the information the state gets back for it's late release program.

Anil at Puget Sound Fly, and Blake at Gig Harbor can help fill you in what is being done.


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We're only looking for general areas. Specific locations should ONLY be sent to me by PM.

Please include me on the PM of these locations too. I'm doing a scientific survey of the differences in taste between adipose clipped and left ventral clipped silvers (all winter and spring).
Not being stupid, but how many fins can they clip before they start swimming in circles.:rofl: Do they clip the whole fin or just a piece of it. I have never looked at a fish that close. I just let them go ASAP without touching them.