Steelhead holding water

I was wondering if there are any steelhead books that show pictures of typical steelhead holding water in various river types?

I think that if there isn't a book that has this in it that there should be. I remember when I started fly fishing for trout, every book I read had pictures and diagrams of likely holding spots for trout, in high water, in low water, in spring creeks, big rivers, and tail-outs. It was a very useful tool. This is my second season fly fishing for steelhead and I still haven't caught one. I'm to poor to use a guide so i can't figure it out that way. I've read a couple books that describe holding water... 3-6 feet deep and moving at a brisk walking pace... the problem here is that rivers are full of this type of water, it's everywhere! And even if I think i'm fishing the right type of water I really never know. What do you all think about this?
Holding water is something to be cherished. I've seen my share of it and I'm always looking for it. Try to fish with strangers that you see, say a group of three. Usually, but not always, they will be fishing in holding water. Spend a little time, smooze up a bit and ask questions. If the cat gets out of the bag, that is they sting a fish or you see lumps of gravel indicating buried fish, then never forget this spot. Get there early the next time, even if it is in the dark.
Of course, the sad part, holding water can change.
Bob, the I Know a Few Spots.:)
Bob, I am going to rename you Bob The Elusive! LOL Just BE for short! You are way to dignified for ba!
So how is your wife doing and how are you? on a personal note. You are family on this forum! Your trials and tribulations are ours too! Besides your wife is the only person who ever said I tieyed a pretty fly! By the way how do you spell tyed, tieyed tiyed?
Dave, who greatly respects Bob, but dissagrees with him often! You make me think! That is probably the biggest compliment I can give to a TEACHER!
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Thanks for your concern, my personal friend. Today was a huge watershed in it all because we were terrified of metastisis, the spreading of the cancer throughout the body. Xrays show no involvement of the lungs. A Catscan revealed nothing unusual on the liver. So her chance to live have skyrockted as well as our joy. If you strike out on those two then it could be less than a month, a trip to Hawaii, long tear-filled walks on the beach, etc.

But no, the cutter cuts next Wednesday and sees no reason for a baggie, plus he is optismistic. I told him that I bet he told all the girls that. And he said, "No, sometimes I say nothing and just tear up." I gulped on that one.

What does this have to do with this post? These types of things were once heavily censored, but no more.
Anyway, I think we might get some sleep tonite, the first in a long while of staring at the ceiling.
Bob, the Hey! Get that knife away from my belley!:7

Oh, I use tied as if I tied my shoes. But I don't like tire (tain't right, you have those on cars) so I write fly tyer and fly tying. You know, "Spell Check" does not have a clue here.

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New River Mike

Bob...I had no idea you and your wife were going through a time like you've described.
I was going to post my thanks to you for getting out the "exchange" flies, and I still want to say I appreciate your effort. I got a very interesting and intriguing mix and I look forward to giving some a test drive as circumstances see fit.
But meanwhile, my best wishes to both of you as you go through this trial together. I'm sure I speak for all in saying we're all with you on this.

And Dave - Thanks for making me aware...


Sharp Steelie

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Bob, You and your Wife are in our prayers -
hope things go well

Jerry Daschofsky

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First off, all my prayers to you Bob. Just went through this with my Dad. Luckily, they got all the cancer out. Surgery was tough, but was successful.

Ok, onto topic at hand. Try Trey Combs classic "Steelhead fishing and flies" or Deke Meyers "Advanced Steelhead fly fishing" (think that's what it's called). Both are excellent books with illustrations of slots and how to fish them.
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I didn't mean to hijack this post and I'm sorry. I deeply appreciate all the kind words and thoughts expressed. I have many fine friends here and I love you guys.
Bob, the Grateful:)
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there are several good vcr tapes by lani waller and jim tenne(sp.). you can rent them for a couple of bucks and make copies so they can be watched over
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i would suggest the tapes by loni walker, "flyfishing for pacific steelhead." they are very intertaining and informative.

- First I would echo the remarks about the Meyer and Combs book. i found the video series " fly fishing for pacific steelhead" very useful and informative. For somethiing to take in your vest check out the "Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing for Steelhead" by Cordes and lafontaine. It has a few easy diagrams and illustrations but is by no means comprehensive.

Bob, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.