Akaska Summer Fishing

Im looking for a ride north, and a summer season of work salmon fishing in AK. I am 26, have a very sound work ethic and a positive attitude. I dont mind the rain, and I love it when it pours. I worked for WDFW for two seasons as a fisheries biologist on seiners in Puget Sound and would like to trade sides. I am a self sufficient guy who can learn anything quickly and with minimal instruction. I have good refrences, and I am a very handy "do-it-yourselfer."

I realize this is a shameless effort, but there is nothing I would like more than to land a position on a boat leaving from WA. I have been walking docks hoping to find crew working on their boats. I am open to new creative ways to find such a job if anyone has any thoughts, just send me a PM or post a reply.

Thanks guys. Thank you WFF for serving the community and myself to the fullest. Tight lines.


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