Whos going to the Spey Clinic?


Workin in a sweet mullet
Anyone else headed up to High Bridge/Big Eddy park for the Spey Demos, free food, etc....

I'll be there
Andy :smokin

Old Man

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I'll be there. But just to watch and eat. The food is free but they do ask for a donation. The money goes to a good cause. I think it's about three bucks. This is what a little bird told me. SO you can take it what it's worth.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
No,it's at Big Eddy access on the Skykomish river. Just east Of Goldbar. Cross over the bridge and look to the right and you'll be there.



Joe from PA
Here's more info:

Spey Days 2004--FREE EVENT!

Presented by Kaufmanns' Streamborn
February 14 & 15, 2004, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
High Bridge, Big Eddy Park on the Skykomish River, 8 miles east of Sultan

Simon Gawesworth
Ed Ward
Steve Choate and Way Yin
Scott O'Donnell and Mike McCune
Dana Sturn
George Cook
Nobou Nodera
Goran Andersson (not yet confirmed)

Scott, Sage, Simms, Rio, CND, Scientific Anglers, Winston, Loop, Air-Flo, Patagonia, and Waterworks
Manufacturers will be cooking breakfast and lunch!

Call KAUFMANN'S STREAMBORN for information:
Bellevue 425-643-2246
Seattle 206-448-0601
Portland 800-442-4359
Durn tootin' I'll be there, as I was last year. And it has vastly more to offer than low-priced chili and hotdogs: free demonstrations/instruction by some of the best spey casters in the Western Hemisphere, windrows of shiny new rods to try out, faces to match with website names. Here's a major plus: have you wondered how such-and-such a line would work on your favorite spey rod? Of course you have - that seems to be spey casters' Number One topic of discussion. Well, you'll probably be able to try out that line, thanks to mfg. reps who will have it spooled on a reel and ready to go.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
This is the subject that really throws me on this spey thing. I want to but there is so much new stuff out there that a newby doesn't have a clue as where to began. In fly fishing a one hander it seems close cut on what to use. But with a two hander all that you knew goes out the window. Whats an old man to do??????????????


Jerry Daschofsky

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Well, I'm hoping to go. But as of right now, I'm REALLY torn. LOL. Have a chance to go fishing on the Duc/Bogie this weekend. Luckily, can sit and drink coffee (will be pulling plugs mostly) so won't have to kill my shoulder to go fishing. But, want to meet some of the members too, and check out the clave. So up in air. We'll see. LOL. Just don't know if I want to dope up on percocet to go fishing.

Big K1

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I think I will go after fishing in the morning on
Saturday. It is hard to pass on free food.
Great line up of spey pros is not to shabby either.


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