Gibbs Lake

Bob Coma

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Any word on how Gibbs is fishing or has fished. I hit it a couple times last year and was pleased with my results. Has it produced at all this winter? :DUNNO


I talked with a guy out at Cady last weekend who knew a guy who's brother's son knew another guy that had a sister who recently married a guy that fished Gibbs lately and said it was off and on. Some nice fish but nothing regular. Would you believe that. On a more serious note I did talk to a guy at Cady that told me it would be well worth my time to check it out this time of year.

I haven't fished there before but he seemed convinced after a trip the weekend before last. I bribed him with a couple of hot flies so I don't think he was fibbin.

I need to know how to get there if anyone has directions. (Decent directions) :THUMBSUP

Jim Jenkins

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Although I haven't been to Gibbs this winter my guess it pretty much like any other lake this time of year. What I can tell you about is from fishing there last year. As you may or may not know it was stocked with about 300 triploids which were 16-18" last spring. And all they've done since is EAT! Average growth for normal trout is 2" or so a year, these guys eat more, so go figure. I know I will be visiting again this spring. They were pretty easy to catch too! I like fishing at both ends in the shallower water but might not be the best place right now. This is a selective gear rules lake so no bait but its only been that way a couple years and is C&R for trout now too. I witnessed guys keeping fish (stringer full) and asked them if they knew the new rules and well you know the rest of the story! As far as directions to it, very easy to get to but access is a bit less than desirable. You have to launch through a picnic area. As for fly's to use, well I've only used one in all the times I've been there and that's a Wooley Bugger, you pick the color, I have a favorite but not saying. haha Hint: Water clarity is a dark tea color so you need something to get their attention. Popularity with this lake is going to pick up as people find out about it but for now it'll be our little secret!!! Yeah right! I also took my canoe there once and trolled fly's which was very productive too. As you can tell I like this lake and would recommend it to others. My hope is that it will become something like Pass L. in the future, high quality fishery. I had some locals over there tell me of other lakes in that same area that although they are bait lakes, are not fully taken advanage of and should offer good opportunities as well. Good luck, maybe I'll CYA there sometime soon.
Jim J.

Bob Coma

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Sounds like your experience was similar to mine. I found the north end of the lake most productive, but as the sun went down the whole lake seem to come alive with rising fish. I too ran into some suspicious looking anglers who decided it was time to leave just as I got there. I think it was the title on their boat, "Fish Assassin", that sent up a red flag. As far as getting there, check out the Washington State Atlas and Gazetter. Thats how I found it. See ya there.


New Member
Can you guys let me in on the whereabouts of this lake?
City/county etc. I'd like to check it out.

Bob Coma

New Member
Gibbs is in Jefferson County, about 5 miles north of the Pt. Townsend/Chimacum exit on Hiway 104. There is also a Horseshoe Lake in the same general area that is a special reg. water. I've never been there, but I've heard it has some pretty good surface action in the evenings.

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