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I am cleaning out my Fly Fishing stuff as its taking over and has started to attack me. Because of this a bunch of it is going up for sale. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING in the CONUS, AK and HI are extra. PAYPAL is Accepted at No Charge

(SOLD)1. Cortland 444 Lazer Line Double Taper 2wt Floating in Olive Pale (DT2F) A couple years old but always stored inside. Brand New in BOX 30 yard Line. $20 Shipped (Sold Pending Funds)

(SOLD) 2. Rio Selective Trout 6wt Floating Line. Olive in Color. Fished once (I think) I may have just casted it, but I can't remember, it didn't work on my GLX. I got it last fall, Basically a brand new line that I put on a reel and then took off. $25 Shipped (SOLD PENDING FUNDS)

3. Orvis 6wt Full Sink line. I don't know know T Type or Sink rate. I am betting it was around a Type 3 as I used it for rivers and some lakes. Decent Line overall, and was used for tossing streamers, but its in good shape. $20 Shipped.

4. Orvis 8wt Floating Salmon Steelhead Wonderline. Pale Green in Color. It was used for one steelie trip for 3 days. The line was a bit light for short casts on an 8wt Xi2, better at some distance but would probably work Very Well on a Stiff 7wt or noodly 8wt. $30 Shipped

5. 11wt Clear Tarpon Line. I think its an SA. Clear Mono Core, Reinforced Loops were hand done with Maxima and clear super glue at the ends. The line was attached on the reel end with a Bimini to the fly line. Whoever put it on looked like they knew what they were doing. Never fished as it came with a Reel that I bought new. I can't tell you much more about it. $23 shipped

I can take pictures, but it will be hard to see the lines. If for some reason there is a problem with the line or its not like i described, I will refund your money and pay for shipping back to me.
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