March 1approaching fast

What do we have coming up? Lenice, Nunnally, Merry...can't wait!! What other March 1 openers look good? The three I mentioned were consistantly fishing well last fall and I'm chomping at the bit to hit Eastern Wa. for the early season. Camping out in cold weather(no motor homes or RV's, just nylon and campfires) just adds to the expereince! What are some of the other favorites that open early on for the bravehearts? :THUMBSUP
If you're willing to forgo bigger fish in exchange for less anglers and usually more fish, think about trying some of the hike in lakes in the Seep Lakes area. The last few seasons while many of my friends played bumper boats with other anglers in the 3 lakes you mentioned, I avoided those crowds as well as the armies of conventional anglers that descend on the Seep Lakes area (below O'Sullivan dam) by hiking in to 4 of the harder to reach lakes in the Seep Lakes area. I won't give away specifics but if you get a map of the area (call Mar Don resort and they'll send you one) you should be able to figure out at least a couple of the ones I'm talking about. I caught 25 - 40 fish per day at these lakes in 5 - 6 hours of fishing! Granted they averaged 12" - 14" instead of the 16" - 17" you can get out of Lenice or Nunnally but it sure was fun. See you there if you want a change of pace.
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

Don't hurry right out there on March 1st. though. I just got back from one of the hike ins and it waz VERY dead. Water temp.39 degrees and cooling due to the latest cold snap. No sign of bugs on the water and the fish acted like they had never seen a chironomid in their life.

Seems like it takes 46-48 degree water and a few sunny calm days in the upper 50's on most of those lakes to get things started.
Now if you want to do some "practice fly fishing" GO. :SAD
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

And I thought you waz too old to tye flyz!!

Naw, I'm too old to hike anywhere AND ENJOY IT.
If there's big trout in there, I will shoulder
my backpacker tube,hit the trail, and start cussing
and threatening "never again". Then if I get em,
I'll be back next week. :THUMBSUP