Phillipson glass

I have a 8' Philipson my cousin made for me 45 years ago when he worked at Schoff's Tackle in Kent. It's kind of a buggy whip but sure is fun when you hook-up with a nice trout! I have and fish several other 'glass rods.
Now those are purdy and I'd like several.....I do have a PowerPakt(8ft,2 tip) that I rescued from a garage sale,due to varnish damage had to get it redone but it looks just fine.Question about the S86.....Did Phillipson do rods for Sears?? I have one of those 'tobacco' colored fiberglass rods with a JC Higgens stamp on it,red wraps,no line or wt info on it. I fish it with a 7wt and it seems to do OK....Getting an old Lami blank done up,an 8ft 5wt....Can't wait for it!!! JP2
I have a master series that I just posted. I got it maybe twenty years ago. From what I remember, it was a great caster and fairly light

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