Swap Humpty Dumpty Swap

Hey Everyone,

The flies are supposed to be in tomorrow. I was hoping there wouldn't be slackers in this swap, but if you can't do it, just let me know. Try to get them in within a week.

Thanks guys​
My bad guys, Ive been a real slacker on the vise this week!
I just finished them up at work (lucky me), gonna get them out now, should be there monday.
sorry again guys

Hey guys, sorry for being such a slacker. I got swamped with work over the last week, and now have been sick in bed for a couple days. Flies are tied, but it's not looking like I'm going to make it out to the post office soon. (I just woke up after sleeping 14 hours- this cold or flu or whatever it is is kicking my ass.)

If you want to continue the swap without me, I'm fine with that. Otherwise it may be a couple more days before I can get out to mail these.
Updated first post. Dropping Baitfish and Stillystalker. No reply from PM's and I am swapping the flies Tuesday I believe.

Just wanting to get this swap out of the way and on to the next.

Thanks to all who participated. I will try and get pictures up soon.

Swapped the flies tonight, I'll try to ship them out eventually. Everyone got a random extra or two. Please, don't be harsh on me. This is my first time hosting a swap. I think I am doing an alright job though. Thanks to all who participated.


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