Swap Humpty Dumpty Swap

that's exactly what I told him before he tied up a dozen of them.
Damn kids never listen!

Loren- I dig the color combo and did really well on a similar 1/32 oz. jig tied with the Hareline fushia/purple tipped rabbit strips on the Green last go-round.' Yours will work a treat, and I'll be fishing it.

If you're going to not tie flies for the swap, and buy them instead: At least make a bit more effort than going to Outdoor Emporium.

Remind me to never use Gorilla Glue ever again. It puffed up the heads all crazy status, whatever.
Hey Blake, don't use GG again!...unless we're doing a terrestrial swap or something : http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com...gorilla-glue-flies?highlight=gorilla+glue+ant

..actually glad to hear it's glue, I thought it might have been man sauce or something...:hmmm:
Yeah my bad guys, I bought it not realizing that it would do that, and stuck to my guns thinking it wouldn't be that bad. Boy was I wrong haha. Anyways that is a interesting little link there Constructeur, I might have to do something productive with the rest of the tube. :thumb:

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