Water Master with Floors

Hey Folks,

Just curious if any of you Watermaster users out there have or have used the floor attachment for your kodiak/grizzly?

Any pro's/con's to the system? I"ve been considering picking one up as I think it would be great for stillwater fishing. I like the idea of:

a) better rowing efficiency/use with my electric motor
b) being able to stand
c) being able to bring the pooch out more often

Any photo's/tips of the WM with floor would be sweet. From what I understand, it's basically just a vinyl diaper that goes over the boat?

Thanks, and tight lines to you all!



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It would seem to me that putting a floor in a Watermaster would defeat the purpose. Also I don't think the floor is solid, is it? Standing up would be dicey at best.

If I want to take my pooch out or my son, I just take along my inflatable boat with a floor and go out. I don't stand in that either, it's still to soft for me to feel comfortable standing and trying to cast.

The one and only time I took my pooch with me, he jumped shipped. He stays on shore from now on.

Kent Lufkin

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I'm with sroffe on the value of a soft floor. It seems a bit too unstable and defeats the value of being able to use fins while fishing stillwater. I haven't tried letting my Guide Dog ride along on the back of my WM, but the rear deck seems sturdy enough. The guys at BSM have pics in their shop of taking their dogs duck hunting in their WMs and they just sit behind the seat.

When Monty was a younger dog, the yellow lab part of him thought nothing of spending the day romping through the brush beside the lake or swimming back and forth to see how I was doing while he'd been away. But now that he's older, his poodle smarts have made him think twice about swimming for hours on end in cold water.

A couple of falls ago, he came along on an outing to a high lake but got tired of both swimming AND romping. He ended up hitching a ride on the back of my SFC for a couple hours. Not long after this was shot, he stretched out with his front paws past my beer holder and actually went to sleep. I figure if he can sleep on a float tube, sleeping on the back of my WM will be sheer luxury by comparison.




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I have the floor for my WM kodiak and use it for fishing with my young son. For that purpose, it's nice. You can still access all the D-rings to rig your anchor(s) and the floor is stable enough for him to walk on. I'm 6'1" 190lbs and don't feel particularly stable standing on the floor. It's similar to standing on a waterbed . . . fine on flat water, wouldn't do it in a heavy chop. It's comfortable to sit on the seat with feet on the floor, drop anchor and fish like you're in a pram. However, when I'm fishing on my own, I prefer to have fins in the water and enjoy the features of a kickboat.

Ed Call

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Kent, that photo is the stuff. Happy Master overseeing things in the back and the worker drone up front has his barley pop and fishing tools.

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