Spey Days.

Big K1

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Did anybody else make it? I really liked Ed Ward and the Skagit
casting style. Simon Gawesworth was incredible. What did you
guys think?

P.S. I had a cold fishless morning and some poor casting
before going up there. Do you ever notice that your casting great
then you lose your timing or something and it all goes to hell?
Well I have. :reallymad

Jerry Daschofsky

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I was there. Simon was great. George cook was funny as all get out. Learned more today about my casting (what I've been doing wrong/right), then I ever did from reading books and videos. George really helped alot. Especially how he spent quite a deal talking about what you do wrong and how to correct and not look like an idiot doing it. LOL.

Oh yeah, not sure who you were. But you couldn't miss me. I was the ONLY SOB crazy enough to wear shorts. :D

Matt Burke

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Just before Ed started his thing, I got bored and tried swinging a fly at the head of the pool. I got a hit and before I could take in slack, he was gone. I must of stung him because he came out of the water. Dana said he looked to be about 14 lbs. I was just goofing and really didn't think anything would be there. All I know was that he was a nice fish that I wasn't even prepared to deal with. Didn't even have a damn vest on. Needless to say, I tried to fish the same spot in between guys casting. Never did make it over to watch any of the demos. I still can't believe it and wouldn't if it had been for a couple guys on the bank that said they saw the take too. My hands are still shaking.

Matt Burke

Jerry Daschofsky

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Ahhhhh, YOU were the guy I heard about. Was up talking to a friend of mine when I heard some BOZO missed one. lol.

Damned, didn't see you. But there were so many there though too. Plus, I looked a bit different since last time you saw me. Had a beard this time. And a few extra pounds. LOL.

Big K1

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I missed George. Have you seen the video of the clave
down on the Sandy River? It is very good. Most of the
stuff you saw today is on that video.



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I actually captured that hook up on film, not too bad of a fish, he came up and rolled hard and shot downstream on you. I will concur that it was a 12-15 pound fish, starting to get a bit of color, but otherwise a fine fish.

I was there for about an hour and a half. Couldn't miss me, I was the one with my daughter in the back pack and she was the one saying "pup, pup" very loudly during one of the presentations. It is a dad/daughter weekend, she had a great time seeing pups, horses, lamas, cows, and trains. I love this age, she just turned two and coming up with new words every other minute.

Never intended to stay long at the event, just wanted to go, see some friends and take it all in.


Bert Kinghorn

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What a terrific session! I took a rod planning to check things out briefly at the conclave and then go have fun chasing fish. I learned so much from each session that I could not bring myself to leave. Simon was great. I was worn out and about to leave before George's pitch, thinking I would try to grab couple of hours fishing. Something caused me to stay. VERY glad I did. George's recovery cast demos were terrific. I also enjoyed his simplifications of what we were told earlier in the day and I was too dumb to sort out. It was well worth missing a few hours of fishing. Next time I out punishing myself with my spey rod, I'll know what I'm doing wrong even if I can't make my arms do it right.

It was a pretty fish! Nice reminder too as to what all the casting stuff ultimately leads to.:)
I was there to.
Even pick up a new rod (CND Skagit S.)what a rod!
Hey Mattzoid I might have a picture of you, just after the incounter. I was the big guy ( and still am the big guy) in the lawn chair. Watching Nobuo, Kush,Ed and Dana cast wa amazing!:eek :smokin :9 :p :)


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I made it up there on Saturday afternoon and checked out a few of the sessions. Nobuo and Simon I believe. They were both great and I also learned a bit just by watching some of the guys that were casting in the area.

I hope to make the casting session on Friday through River Run this Friday and probably pick up my first spey rod. I'm leaning towards the lower end CND's or one of the Heritage rods.