Polecam for TS2

Im looking to rig up a polecam to hold my ts2 underwater without freezing my arm off. I figure ill go with some adaptor connected to the tripod mount. Anybody know any camera shop or any store for that matter where I could find the parts to put something like this together?

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Several local paraglider pilots (including me) made boom-poles for their cameras for in-flight pictures. Sounds like you want something similar.

I used a painter's roller pole (adjustable aluminum pole that can be attached to a paint roller). Simple collar-lock adjustment lets you slip two or three sections in or out for adjustable length. To reduce the collapsed length, you can cut the sections down to any length -- just make sure you don't damage the compression rings.

For inflight use, I slipped a bicycle handlebar grip on the operator's end. At the camera end, I made a short (1 to 1.5 inch) piece of dowel to fit snuggly into the end of the pole. Before inserting it, I secured a 1/4" bolt through the center then inserted the dowel into the pole end, and drilled through the sides (making sure to miss the screw in the dead-center of the dowel) so I could simple a small bolt through to secure the dowel in the pole.

Once secure, I screwed a mini ballhead tripod mount (like this: http://www.adorama.com/FASBS.html) onto the exposed 1/4" bolt end. The camera then attaches to the ballhead, which allows you to manipulate the angle of the camera.

To trip the shutter, either use a cable release, run up the length of the pole or -- preferable if your camera allows it -- use an IR remote shutter release. Although, I'm not sure how well IR will work with a submerged camera.

NOTE 1: One modification I saw and liked: Secure an elastic cord to the dowel, then run the cord up loosely up through the collapsed pole to the handle and secure that end. This ensures that if the pole sections separate during use, you won't loose the far end. (bad enough along a river --- terrible when at 5,000 feet in the air).

BTW: Here's a similar rig set up:
try "Glazers" in Seattle.south end of lake union.buy the center.
also check out youtube. StickPic Trekking Pole Camera Mount Review
amazon.com has some pole mounts for cameras.less than 20$
tried my TS2 last summer on the cedar trying to see if there was any fish under a log,water was to murky for the distance. have fun

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