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I have been trying to catch steelhead in the Tri-citys area. I have finally learned some areas on the Walla Walla and Touchet. would someone please advise me on what flies and methods may work well? Ihave only lived here in the west for not quite two years.
With much thanks
Fly Rod from New Jersey :THUMBSUP
I grew up in the Tri-Cities and fished both of these rivers many times. You best bet on flies is either an egg sucking leech with an orange or chartruse head, or a fly with an orange a red marabou wing with black body. These are the flies that I have been most succesful with. Another way to fish these streams is to use floating line with a strike indicator and a large glow bug (orange/red, pink/orange) and dead drift it. This works especially well on the touchet. For the Walla Walla you will only need about a ten foot 200-250 grain sink tip. You can also use the sink tip on the lower touchet.

Another river to try would be the mouth of the Tucannon upstream (off of the Snake just below the little Goose Dam) towards Starbuck. Most of the river runs thru private land but there are a few areas that you can get access to.

Good luck!

If you venture out to the Grande Ronde, I have had good luck there on a purple peril. I fished it pretty regularily for 3 years while I was in school at Pullman. It may work on the Touchet or Tucannon. I hope you get a few.
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Isn't the Touchet a small stream. I have fished it in the summer up around Dayton. It seems like it is almost gone. I also fished the Tucannon and it seemed small also.
Are the winter time flows a bit higher? I just thought I would ask. Jim S. :BIGSMILE
. Thanks for the ideas I plan to go sunday I let you know what happens. The flows are a little high
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