Church of the still water on Sunday


Idiot Savant
I've got a kitchen pass for Sunday, That's funny considering we don't have a kitchen right now, it's torn out for a major remodel.

Lone Lake is calling me and if the God(s) smile on me and nothing interrupts it, I'll be heading over in the morning.

It's been too long since my line was jerked and I need a fix right about now.

Will I see any of you in church...?

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I've got plenty of still water here in Montana. All the damn lakes still have a heavy covering of ice on them. Hench they are not moving.

Oh, what's a church ??????

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
It's in my plan for Sunday, at least at this moment in time. It would be great to meet you in church Roper. I am a die hard fisherman, dawn to dusk, blue WaterMaster. Hope to see you there.
"I'm real sorry, (mother-in-law's name), but I'm afraid I can't join you for brunch this Sunday. I'll be in church all morning!"

"Oh Roper, you're such a good son-in-law. I'll miss you at brunch but I'm so proud of you for attending church!"


Roper good work. Since Pass is The Office I think Church is the perfect code name for Lone :thumb:

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Hmmm, a trip to Lone to hear the Reverend Roper give his sermon from the toon. That would be hard to miss, I'll try and make it.

Islander, or ?, any idea of the H2O temp?

awesome thread guys. I've been Satanic (gear chucker) or Agnostic(not fishing) for most of my life. I'm slowly starting to convert to this new religion but I'm not quite prepared for my first church visit. The day of reasoning is fast approaching!

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