A gift from dad

About 12 years ago I move to Virginia and left some stuff behind with a friend. He contacted me yesterday and asked if I wanted my fly rod and reel. This rod was given to me by my dad many years ago. I had forgotten about it until he called. I am so glad to get it back. By the way, this was also my first fly rod

My dad give me this rod, maybe 30 years ago and when I moved to Virginia, I left it with my life long friend. Apparenty he was cleaning out his closet and found it in there. I had forgotten about it. It is a phillipson Master, not sure of the length or wt. This was my first fly rod and caught many fish on it. It is a very forgiving rod and cast nicely even with my sloppy casting. I can't wait to get it back. I will post length and weight when I get it.
OK, Here is what I have found out about the rod and reels......................
Phillipson Master
G-MF70 3-1/8 oz. Line HDH-HDG-#6
Made in the U.S.A.

I put a tape to it and it's 7' long tip to tip.

I have two reels here. a Pflueger Summit 1294 and a South Bend 1122A
Can anyone tell me more about the rod and it's worth. I know the shorter rods are more desirable. I also found out by doing a web search that the pflueger reel is junk and I did not even have to search for the South Bend, I already can guess.


aka Dave Hoover
I don't too much about it other than I know it would be a highly desirable rod for a glass enthusiast. Looks to be in excellent shape to boot.
One thing I did learn from a glass website is that the top half is about three inches short than the bottom section, which meens that at one point the tip was broken and professionally fixed
Here's a little history on the rod. First, when my house burned down two weeks before Christmas about 20 some odd years ago, I lost everything. I lost everything I owned including all my tying equipment and my float tube. This rod was the only thing to survive. It was in it's tube. Secondly, the day before I put it in storage, I went fishing in a slow pool using a Jassid which was the last thing I tied before I loss my equipment. I caught 26 Brook trout. And of course it came from my dad, how passed in 1997. So, this rod is must be lucky in some way and wanting to come back to me. Why else, after ten years would he find it just before the good weather comes. It want me to take it fishing. I hope I have half the luck I did on the day I caught all the Brookies.