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Just returned from four days east of the ridge... Never been so cold in my entire life. The Met was still kicking out a few steelies, cutts, Dollies, and lots of whitefish up to several pounds.


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Sounds like you had a good time. Not to bust your balls too hard, but WA state law says no adi-intact steelhead come out of the water. Those fish are going to spawn when the water temps warm in a few months, so they really dont need the added stress of coming all of the way out of the water, let alone sit on the ice for minutes while you take a picture. Just food for thought.
Flyrodr, nice fish there. Looks really cold.

Note to anyone wanting to advise flyrodr on proper fish handling. Please send a PM. Jumping someone on a open thread only causes guys to not post.


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Im not jumping on anyone, just letting a guy no. I didn't realize that we had to talk behind closed doors about proper fish handling. The more we talk about it publicly, the more people are exposed to it. Everyone is so quick to go on the defensive here. Note that I prefaced what I said, with "not to bust your balls too hard, but...". Chill and lets do a better job as a community of fly fishers to teach fish handling, and possibly save a guy from getting a fat ticket.

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Those poor fish must of been gasping for breathe. How would you like to be held under water so you can't breathe either.

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