Creek Company ODC 420 Info?

Tom Palmer

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A fishing buddy has this exact model only with the older style foam seat. I own a SFC from Outcast so when we fished together comparisons were natural.

Overall I would recommend it. I pass along the following just as observations, compared to the more expensive Fat Cat.
1) The ODC model is slightly smaller then the SFC. Given your weight, this has me a little concerned regarding room. You may feel cramped especially when you add rods, anchors, lunch etc...
2) The Boston valve location would sometimes be a problem. Being hidden underneath the pockets, before inflation they would often shift and when you pump up the tube it wouldn't fit properly. Deflation, rotate the tube and try again.
3) Boston valves required some attention. Several times we were prepping in the parking lot and the caps would not attach properly and hold air. After trial and error he always got them on properly, but the Summit valves have never been a problem for me.

Eventually my friend upgraded to the SFC line. If money were no object, I would recommend the Prowler just because of the size and float capacity.

If you are primarily using it for alpine hikes on an occasional basis, I think you'll be hard pressed to find a better value.

If you plan on using it a lot for general stillwater, I think the room/capacity could be a problem. My friend picked his up at Sportco. You may consider dropping by a local shop and testing it out (The Fishcat line is similar in size).

Good luck!

Kent Lufkin

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Just a though: there aren't a lot of drive-to alpine lakes, so I assume you're talking about carrying this critter on your back (along with waders, fins, fishing gear, lunch, extra clothes, 10 essentials, etc.) Even at just 7 pounds, by the time you add all that extra stuff in your pack, you're gonna easily be pushing 30 pounds or more.

My point here is that the Boston valves installed on this guy aren't particularly well-suited to oral inflation. Think hard about how much more weight and bulk you want to carry in the form of a pump, likely uphill and across some rough terrain, before pulling the trigger.

As an alternative, give some thought to the Classic Accessories Gunnison float tube. It weighs just 6 pounds or so, rolls up to the size of a loaf of bread (well, a BIG loaf!), but doesn't require a pump.

Thanks for the info guys. The whole point of going to an alpine lake is to not drive to it. I know practically nothing about valve types so thanks for that lesson. Probably looking at picking one up in April/May to get ready for the summer trips.

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