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Your a way more inteligent man than I.
If you think that will not cause a mortal meltdown of WFF then post up ythe answer...

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
Buying all used beads , any shape, size, or color considered. Will make resonable offers on all beads , none turned down, will pay cold hard cash... I'll send you the $$$ via paypal, send the Beads to Mumbles :rofl::rofl:

stewart dee

To Late! the bead went to a buyer overseas. This will round off his bead collection. Tight Lines Sucka!
Sorry Leroy, if my better half finds one more bead layin 'round here she'll go bananas. She already twisted her ankle when I got drunk and spilled a whole bag'o'beads at the bottom of the steps. I had to get a bead safe to keep all beads on lockdown. And she was pissed cause a I kept wasting all the nail polish.


Thanks for the pm Brazda...very intelligent answers...much appreciated...

stew gets his beads from's a junkie kind of thing...
Low blow Brazda......low blow. You and I both know that there is not one fish in that pod eating mayflies that I would care to catch. I am searching for the one beneath the pod laying in ambush. Fishing dries for trout is a lot like fishing beads for's just plain easy. (Staples Easy Button) Unfortunately it is harder to only target the mega troph steelhead, unlike targeting mega troph trout, that's easy to do. I keep thinking that if I swing the biggest fly I can cast it will result in only mega hog far that has not proved to be true. The big ones seem to eat beads just as good as anything. Damn.

Ed Call

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Leroy, nice art work. Now make it blow up HUGE when you click on it so that everyone can see my big head and that big black seabass. I reckon I'm gonna need a bigger net. Good thing I know a couple of guide guys that know a guy that knows how to make an awesome very large and fish friendly net. I stopped supplying beads to stewie dee, he went all kinds of crazy in withdrawl. I don't need to nymph the bead...I've been trained in some alternate methods that pass the time nicely on the float and produce the occasional fish. Nothing wrong with swinging when you can and nymphing when you can't. Besides, the best scenery on the river is often between put ins and take outs!

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
Anyone who worrys about what others think when it comes to this stuff is in deep doodoo... Do what's legal and makes ya happy, beyond that, it's all a pipe dream !!
Glad ya liked er Ed !!!

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