Building my First Spey

Hey Everyone,

I will be building my first Spey rod soon. I am wanting to know something. For this first one, I won't be turning my own grip. But it seems everywhere that sells Spey rod grips, all look the same; boring pattern with no rubberized cork. Does anyone know a site that sells cooler looking grips?

If not, would a Spey rod still look good with a normal/ plain grip, and a intricate job on the blank?

Tell me guys

The Mud Hole Co. (I've just been going through their 210-page 2011 color catalog) has a good assortment of handles, cork, and rubberized composite rings in various colors and patterns and accent rings of checkerboard exotic woods.

Compressed rubber/cork/bark rings are harder than cork, but they can be drilled or filed down readily. I've used them to make many rod grips. Spey grips are merely bigger and more expensive; don't be afraid of them.

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