"Ambush triangle taper"

Hey Gang,

I was at the casting pond today trying out the newest "AMBUSH TRIANGLE TAPER" by Royal Wulff Products. The test rods were Sage xi3 in 12 wt. and Sage xi3 in 14 wt. I tried the new Ambush 550 grain line on the 12 wt., and the 600 gr. line on the 14 wt. Both lines are full floaters. I found the lines cast great and are the best casting lines I have tried for casting the big wind resisting flies like Crease flies and Poppers. The biggest surprise was casting the 14 wt. with the 600 gr. line. Would these lines be good for Tarpon and Bonefish? Probably not, but they will be great for Mexico.(I has Christmas Island in mind too) or any other situation involving the casting of big bushy flies. If you like to roll cast or need to, this is the line. And yes, the first thing I did was cut the welded loops off.
:) my 2 cents......PS I don't sell Royal Wulff Products

Carl Blackledge

Ed Call

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Carl, great lines on single handers when shooting line is desired. I use them on some of my switch rods too. I tried them on a trout rod on the river, not so great for mending, but for shooting they are great lines. I like the running line too, I've not seen any tangle issues. Ed

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the welded loop isn't super strong, and by cutting it off and nail knotting it, you shorten the front taper and get into more line mass. causing it to turn over big flies easier, but not setting down on the water as easy. on a 14wt... who cares haha

for those of you using the ambush on lower line weights, try it with polyleaders. the poly leaders give it different sink rates, and there tapered. the polyleaders also helps with the casting because the line kinda needs a few more grains up front.

designed by Washington's very own garry sandstrom!!!

I put braided loops on all my fly lines, On big game lines I put them on both ends. Strongest way to go.

Carl Blackledge

Dustin Bise

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I like this line alot but it does not mend worth a shit, as stated by mumbles.

I havnt had a chance to fish SRC or Lakes with it yet, but it must be pretty amazing for those applications as well.

The problem with the line for rivers is anytime you are shooting alot of line you are most likely dealing with multiple currents and need better mending control.

With that said, on my 8wt reddington 9'0 you can cast most of the line with 1 easy haul. go insane on the double haul and the entire line can be shot.

single speys pretty good with a poly leader too.
I've been using the older version of the saltwater Triangle Taper for foam poppers for a couple of years, and though I like it, I find I have to get a lot of line loaded to turn over the fly, so i can't make a short cast. Have you found that true with the Ambush?

Ed Call

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Don, no way. The ambush head is super short. 20' head then a color change to the running line. Roll the head out, water haul and launch that bad boy. I cast mine very similarly to how I cast my Airflo 40+ and Rio Outbound/Outbound Short lines. Quick loading and fun on a switch rod too, overhead or two handed casting is a piece of cake.

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