1st Steelhead on the fly

I went out last weekend and caught my first steelhead on the fly. I have gone out about 6 or 7 times and have never had any luck and not even a strike. This past weekend, I had 3 fish on and was able to bring one native to hand. I can say that I am now addicted and will be trying to get out every chance I can.
Jason, congrats on a nice fish. If you mean "wild" when you posted "native" and you were in Washington, then just be aware of the Washington laws about removing wild steelhead from the water. Not saying it makes sense but it is the law and posting pics of wild fish out of the water tends to draw live fire...
doesnt look like a hatchery fish to me but i cant be sure.

congrats on the steelie, but no more illegal pictures for the interwebs ok?

if u want to show us ur fish, show it to is in the water plz
Look, I apologize for lifting the fish out of the water. However, I truly feel the fish would have been damaged by leaving it in the cloudy water and mud from the fight. I simply lifted it out and gently put it back in the river. The fish faught pretty well but not like the one I had on earlier. Surprisingly this fish hit the size 10 stone fly and not the dropper behind it. It gave me a few runs up and down the river and came out of the water once. Then I think it realized I deserved to catch my first steelhead and reluctantly came to shore. Overall I would say it was a great weekend. My buddy also hooked up on a 33"+ Steelie in the same spot the day before.

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