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In an effort to override the bead & bobber controversy, I would like to see if there is any interest in a seminar on how to use a luhr jensen side planer and hot shots with a speyrod and scandi head. This method is fool proof in the wind & eliminates the need to learn all of the spey casts. and since your using 25 feet of fly line it's a legal fly fishing method .


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really..............shit's not even funny anymore, grow up
Jezzus, lighten up a bit. Our rivers are closed so we play around on the internet but, no, you want to shut that down also. If you don't like the post freakin' ignore it. If it isn't anything anybody wants to talk about the thread will scroll off the board in short order. Sticking your freakin' nose in and telling people what to do only keeps it going.


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Now-now Kerry lighten up. We all know that some posters shouldn't be allowed on the Internet if they have a large 'Adult Beverage' in hand.

Besides, with a switch rod, the side plainer idea just might work. That said, the use of a Scandi head might be questionable. I'd vote for a long belly line of some sort ....


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I'm in! And while everyone is on the bank waiting their turn for a 1-on-1 lesson I will be demonstrating the fine art of fly kites with a spey rod, while butt naked.

THIS COULD BE BUG .. AND I DO MEAN ... REALLY, RALLY, BUG... ops, GIG, no! B0g, no!! no!! Concrete, ON Fred,, coonsontrte .. BIG.

We strt smil and gro in strenth. Two day, regonal, to morw the world!

U hvae my word no it.


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if one wanted to stay classic one should use an old Triangle Taper Long Belly for a line, looking deeper , use an "American Made" side planer as well

Ed Call

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I've got a long belly triangle taper that I'm going to try out on my bamboo fly rod, add a balsa wood that is hand painted and I should be pretty damn retro. I even have a tweed irish cap that a friend sent me a short while back. I should be set. I'll use this rig out on the Hoh at 10,000 cfs and hang on for some big predatory fish action.