A little Farlows

Here's a little 2 5/8" Farlow 'perfect-style' reel. It's got a few issues, a broken off screw head on the tensioner caliper and a slightly bent spindle gives it a little wobble but it still works fine. The handle looks like a replacement. Definitely fishable as-is. I'll be using it on a Scott G882-3 for little bouldery creeks.

No idea how old it is but I'm guessing it's pretty pretty early in the last century given the check style. Next winter, I may send it to Archuleta and get him to bring it back up to 100%. Probably not a cost-effective investment but it'd just be nice to have it straight so it can keep fishing another 100 years...

For scale, the St George in the photo is a 3-inch'er.


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