FOUND - 3/14/11 Rod/Reel Combo @ Yakima Boat Launch

Today (3/14/11) I saw an older couple at a popular boat launch on the Yakima River loading up a pontoon boat in their vehicle. They drove off and left a rod/reel combo and another item, which I haven taken to Red's Fly Shop.

If this is your rod, please pm me your contact information and I will help you get it back. I didn't want to leave it there as there were some non-fishing people who pulled up. I thought this was the best way to make sure it gets back to the rightful owner.

The rod has a very personal inscription on it, so that will be necessary to ID the owner.

Good job man, Good to know that there is still honesty in this world. Especially, during these times of economic hardship. Your reward will come back to you, 10 fold. I'm sure that gear means a lot to the owner. Again, good job.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
And that makes "par for the course" the benchmark and an excellent standard. I doubt that the inscription is your only motivation for attempting to find the rightful owner. If the owner is located, I hope you will share the inscription. It sounds like it was very moving.

Again, well done.
Update! The owner was found and he picked up the rod from the guys at Red's Fly Shop.

FYI - the rod inscription read: "Dad's Montana Special" which tells you it's not replaceable and even if it was regular off the shelf set up, it still is good to help out when you can.