The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ban.

The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

1) Write letters, it looks like mine will be published in the paper (only wish I'd spent a little more time on it)
2) Somebody was looking for a way to circulate something on this, lamenting the short time. I would like to point out that a motivated, connected individual, perhaps even a sponsor with a booth, could easily get such a letter ready for the WAFF show today, and could probably get a bunch of signatures on it. Now, that is a group of people who are going to a place specifically to spend money on their sport, so I think they would make a very good representative sample.

In fact, we could probably write petition on site, get the sponsors to agree to it, and print it, and collect signatures at the various shops as well. If people made an effort to get to the nearest shop in the next week, we could strike while the topic is still hot.


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The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

No better way to counter the assertions that WSR was railroaded in by a bunch of elitest fly fishers, that send Forks a petition from a bunch of flyfishers in Bellevue. They'll just love that.

Why don't people wait and see if Forks city council chellenges the rule. Is it even possible for them to chellenge the rule? What are the odds they would have any success whatsoever? The rule is in the regs for two years, let's cool out and see what happens.
The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

I would also reconsider petitions and large gangs of elitist fly fisherman from Bellevue. Having family and friends out on the Oly Penn, they couldn't give a flying rip what 206ers think. As far as they know, you may be the same bunch a tree hugging, spotted owl lovers that told them what they had to do last time. I have taken another course. I have invited them to come fish the Skykomish and the Skagit. Asked them to look at the counts for these rivers. Encourage them to look at the shoot outs that occur at Reiter pond because there are not enough fish for anyone. I asked them, why would you want Forks to end up like Start Up or Gold Bar. There is damn little to do out in forks other than drink and fish with a real short period of hunting. At least this way they may be able to keep fishing far into the future. If they can maintain these fisheries, they may still be able to attract fisherman from all over the world with big wallets. A letter from hundreds will be better than a sheet of paper or email.

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The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

If the issue is money, and it is according to the Mayor, then it is exactly elitist fly fishers who are the "customers" who will or will not be spending money there. Therefore, if as a block we voice an opinion, it has value.

Maybe we can enlist some elitist gear chuckers too, to round out the audience.


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The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

I hope the publish Leland's letter in the Fork's paper, and in papers for the 206'rs.

Sharp Steelie

The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

Just a quick heads up - in Government an email with
an electronic signature is "an official document" that
can't be ignored and is also a "legal" form of
correspondence. If Bob or someone else in the OP area
can accept emails and put them all together they
legally cannot ignore them. Personally, wish I knew more
about the OP/Forks area. We have hatcheries for fish to
keep, the Natives have to stay!:thumb


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The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

We fished the Sol Duc a few weeks ago with a guide, the the lower section. After releasing our first few fish they were suprized we wern't interested in meat for the freezer. We went the next day above the hatchery in CNR land. The bite was slow as rain began raising the level and clarity went down. But what really the real shock was the three unused private hatcheries and one unused state hatchery, that we pay 50k a month to maintain and not use. I understand the argument of hatchery fish diluting the native genetic strains, but multipal releases of diferent stains of hatchery bread fish couldn't hurt. Thoughts?

o mykiss

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The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

Gotta agree with Windtickler. Mattzoid, you may be right that folks over there don't care what the 206'ers think, but if that's the real feeling of the mayor, city council and chamber of commerce in Forks then I'd say they're being a bit hypocritical. They are saying this is going to be bad for the local economy because people will be less likely to head over there to fish if they can't kill what they catch. Well, lots and lots of 206'ers are just fine putting the wild fish they catch back so I think they've got it wrong that WSR will dissuade large numbers of people from going over there. I run into fly and gear guys around here all the time that are just perfectly content to release wild fish. Moreover, most serious anglers (fly or gear) recognize that a system managed under catch and release is likely to be a better fishery than one managed under catch and kill. The world is changing - these folks in Forks ought to recognize that this probably is a better thing net net than trying to curry favor with local (or non-local) meatfishers who - pardon the elitism - are not usually the kind to be dropping lots of coin in the local economy. We could help them figure out the dollar and cents of this issue by doing a poll on this very site. The question would be very simple:

Will you stay away from the OlyPen if it remains catch and release on wild fish?

I would be very surprised if a single person said yes (well, other than the usual smartasses who just like to stir things up.;)) And the thing is, it's not like the OP will be at a disadvantage vs. other places to fish in Washington. It's a statewide moratorium on killing wild steelhead, so the meatfishers don't really have another place to go in state where they can do what they can't do on the OP.

Kent Lufkin

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The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

Having grown up in a small coastal town on a steelhead and salmon river, I second the eariler opinion that the residents could give a sh*t what anyone else thinks of their economically-depressed slice of heaven. The natives are gonna do what they think they've gotta do. And if that involves bonking steelhead to put meat on the table of an un- or under-employed ex-logger, not many of their neighbors are likely to complain.

How many enforcement officers does WFDW now have after the latest round of Mr. Eyeman's tax cuts? The last number I heard was in the mid-20s for the entire state, including commercial fishing enforcement. It's not as if there's gonna be a warden jumping out from behind a tree every time some Forks gearhead bonks a fish he thinks he's entitled to, illegal or not.

The more we 206ers and 425ers rant about how we feel they run their lives, the more they're gonna give us the middle finger salute.
The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

I just wish that the folks in Forks were not so short sighted. There are a lot of lifetime residents out there that don't share the same opinion as the mayor of Forks. They should embrace this event knowing the income generated from fishing, will be secured well into the future. Infact, they ought to have a sponsored event like a Spey Clave or some such, to promote the new C&R rules. If they continue to kill, the only thing they will have left to do out there is drink. I will continue to fish out there, but I wont tank up or buy Old fashions and Jerky for breakfast anymore in Forks. I'll always try to have enough gas to get back to PA and tank up.

Matt Burke
I got a very nice, grateful reply from the letter I sent to the Forks chamber of commerce. I was very cordial and positive in my letter, and got the same in return.

I have not heard back from the Forks Forum, the mayor, or the Peninsula Daily News, but to their credit, I sent the Forum and the Mayor paper letters, so they may not have gotten them yet.

I'd be interested to hear anybody else's feedback experiences. Two-way dialouge is very constructive, if you can get that going. It's much more effective than just "talking at" someone on the other side of the fence from you.

Imagine the pressure the commissioners must feel. The guy at the heart of the matter is "Van" Van Gytenbeek, as I understand it, and I bet he'd appreciate your thanks and support. Also as I understand it, Commission chairman Will Roehl of Bellingham is not in favor of this moratorium, so he could use your continued (positive) persuasion.

You can e-mail the commission generically at: [email protected] or give them a call at 360-902-2267.

Thanks to all who have made the effort to voice your opinions to those who have the power to make the decisions.

You can be a fish recycler, too. Let 'em swim.

Gabriel Burgi

doesn't live in WA anymore :(
Here, I think, is the common sense the people of Forks are missing. Let's say that some, or even most of the people who are proponents of retaining wild steelhead use gear instead of fly fishing. Last I checked, those wiggle warts, corkie setups and expensive spoons people use are around $3-$5 each. Take into account the gas used to get them to the rivers, the food for a midday meal, and beers to celebrate the wild steelhead they just took could feasibly cost one person anywhere from $15-$30 for a weekend trip (probably even more). How much does grocery store steelhead cost per pound? Let's say it's on sale for $2.00 per pound. A 10-pound wild fish would justify that cost, but the fisherman would still be in the hole. If they must eat the fish, buy it! It is cheaper!
Perhaps these people don't feel the same satisfaction we do in promising ourselves and our progeny future angling success (on gear or flies). This, my friends, is the priceless joy we C&R practicioners feel every time we invest in the future of our steelhead fisheries. Unfortunately, it is the lack of this realism that is the paradigm we must attempt to shift in order to make our opinions understood. Keep on fighting. Perhaps this rally for retention can be stifled or even stopped before the populations of wild steelhead in this state are diminished beyond recovery.
But what do I know, I'm just a Fisheries Resources student...who plans to put his education to good use!!!

That is all I have to say about that.

Chris Bellows

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The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

i think boycotting buying anything in forks is exactly the wrong way to go. if you want attitudes to change, driving through town, adding pressure to heavily pressured rivers, and not dropping a cent into the local economy is just not thinking.

face it, forks locals have seen the limits become heavily restricted in the last 5-10 years, plus have seen an enormous increase in pressure on "their" local waters. i don't agree with their opposition, but i understand it on a certain level. they have seen, and will continue to see dramatic changes to their community... and their worry is that tourism will not bring in the revenue to make up for the costs (more crowded rivers, less harvest available, dealing with more non-locals, etc.).... boycotting forks is exactly what they fear, and will not help the situation out there right now (let's not forget reports of vandalism of rigs and people removing any mention of c&r or flyfishing from their vehicles so they won't be damaged).

i have serious issues with the city of forks on fisheries issues (mostly how they seemingly want to destroy the north coast's halibut fishery and the economy based around that specific fishery) but opening a discussion is certainly better than making them hurt.

btw, derrick meneken is an idiot. taking anything he says in his column (gagging just to call it that) seriously is a mistake. he's a hack that shows and has historically shown his biases in the pdn.

good discussion though,


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
I want to make myself emphatically and abundantly clear: If you read the original post on this issue, I said that I felt "thoughtful and respectful letters" were what was needed here.

The notion of any kind of negative action towards the Forks community is something that I am very strongly against.

I appreciate the Forks community and enjoy much of the many opportunities this little town , and it's resourceful,proud and hard-working people have to offer. I count many of these people as my friends since the past four years I have been here. I eat in the restaurants, buy groceries and supplies in the shops, buy gasoline and oil at the stations, use various services and stay at several differant lodgings.

In the few years I have been coming out here, ( Im in Forks this week), I have grown to respect the humbling position these people are in.

All that I have suggested is that If you enjoy traveling to the Forks area, fishing the rivers, and perhaps benefitting from many of the services and goods offered here; perhaps you would take a few minutes to write something intelligent, thoughtful and respectful- to the officials and papers mentioned- about all of that.

I also want to add that I am really grateful to all of you who have decided that this is worthy of your time and care and attention. It is always a little more work to build relationships, rather than to burn bridges- but it is always worth it too.
It's not just Forks that we battle here. It is the entire coast from OR. to B.C. There is a certain deep woods mentality we see, born of ignorance and fueled by poverty. Things wild belong to them and are free for the taking. Any who would stop them are assholes of the first water and are probably from Bellevue. I don't think there is much we can do to change this thinking.
They have an "Us against Them" paradigm and even if we offered them more welfare assistance, they would probably be opposed.
What to do?
Remember we outnumber them at the polls. We don't have to kiss up to these people; we just need proper laws and enforcement to contain them. There is little else we can do to be real.
Yes, letters are good and e-mails as well (they do count things even if it goes unread). We can even vocally complain to residents about the need to save these fish from the freezers. But it will be a long, hard battle.
My hope is that as they kill off the forest, there will be fewer and fewer jobs and they will move away to rape and pillage elsewhere. I say good riddance!x(
Bob, the No, I'm Not Particulary A Nice Guy Or A Glad Hand Charlie.:professor

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