WTS Aluminum Drift Boat

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View attachment 40211 View attachment 40212 It is time to sell my DB ($2500 OBO). I will be sad to see it go but we are moving soon. This boat is an alumaweld 14'6" model with wide reinforced stren to handle a good sized motor (for a DB) I have used a 15hp with no issues. The boat comes with 3 oars, trailer, bow and stern leelock anchor systems and cover. If anyone from WFF buys the boat I'll throw in an electric trolling motor (minn kota 30lbs thrust w/ battery). I'm not an expert but I love they way it rows and tracks. This is a great all purpose boat that is good for rivers, lakes, and parts of the sound (we used it for crabbing several times). Let me know if you have any questions.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Oh nooooooo. You're selling it. Can attest it's a nice looking boat. Sure you just don't want to store it for a few years? ;) I got a big place to store it. Not saying I'd use it or anything. :)
Deal fell through, now asking $2500 OBO. Just remember this is the boat you always wanted, drift the rivers, cruise the lakes, just imagine how awesome you would look in this boat and for a fraction of the cost of a new one :)
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