Wheres your favorite spot to get your materials from fly shop or online?

Hey im from yakima my favorite place to get materials is Fairbanks Outfitters owned by Gary Fairbanks. This shop is a great place to get info and materials. Gary also gives me a hard time when i should be out fishing and instead out doing yard work. One thing i have yet to find is a fly shop that will seel bulk chenille. Any ideas and what do you like and not like about your local fly shop?:beathead:

Rick Todd

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If we had a fly shop, I would patronize it. Since we don't here in Whatcom County, I use Feathercraft, J Stockard, Cabelas, and Rip Lips. Rick
I like my local fly shop, that being Creekside Anglers. How ever I don't like how hit and miss inventory can be. Since my family has being going to the Fly Shop in welches, Oregon since it opened in 1981. I shop there most of the time. If they don't have it, chances are they can get it. Plus they have the best website around, compared to other fly shop sites.
I have two local shops that do me right. Close to home is Puget Sound Fly and close to work is Patrics. I spend entirely to much at both places according to my wife...