spring time bass

has anybody ever had any luck fishing the early spring and pre spawn on flies. I know jigs work killer. but was thinking about trying crawdad patterns out of cabelas, and fish them like your going after bottom fish in shallow water. probly be some killer float tube action on small lakes that are open year round cause here on the penninsula best bass fishing is before the trout opener when the weather turns nice about the end of march. any replies would be cool if you have caught bass in these situations.

how many bass fishers out there? bass rule. fresh water predators. Ben
i have a small pond in my back yard and i had a 10" inch largemouth
in it for a year and i thought a racoon got it in november so i stoped
putting feeder goldfish in the pond for the bass and the next spring in march we cleaned the pond and found the largemouth still in there
alive and kickin so i guess my point is they eat very little if anything when the water temp is under 50 degrees, but when the water temp was 55 or higher the goldfish wouldn't touch the water and the bass would grab them.I also had a 14 inch rainbow trout for half a year and it was more agressive than the bass i also fed it goldfish,
worms, grasshoppers, crickets and even beef jerky oh boy oberto of
course.I bet you have never seen a rainbow take a size 6 piece of jerky of the surface before. :LOVEIT

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