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I am about to graduate from college, and as an end of the experience capstone my buddies and I are planning on a epic road trip of the western united states. We are planning on being in idaho, utah, arizona, colorado, and wyoming. Are there any must fish locations in those states? Any must eat locations? Fishing is not the primary purpose of the trip, we are going to be doing some hiking, and planning on just camping instead of getting hotels, but I wouldn't be opposed to a couple of days of awesome fishing.

wind river mountains. i would say hike in somewhere on the west side of the range, to a lower elevation lake (preferably one with inlet and outlet streams).

You may also want to fish something classic in montana after wyoming, so travel north from the jackson area, through yellowstone, and then fish the gallatin or yellowstone river. then head west to kelly creek and the northfork of the clearwater.

from here you could head home (assuming u started in the south, which i know nothing about.)

once you

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Depending how far you tour around UT, here's my advise:

Strawberry Reservoir
Weber River
Provo River
Flaming Gorge

Great Salt Lake (perhaps a trip out to Antelope Island)
Mormon Temple
Moab (Canyonlands and Arches National Parks) would highly recommend a jeep tour to like Poison Spider or Golden Spike Trail
Zion National Park

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I would map fly fishing shops and check in with them to find the best local fishing. A few phone calls ahead of your departure would help you plan your route and timing for the best fishing. I would also budget to purchase at least a few items in each, too, to support their businesses. Congrats on finishing your degree and all of the hard work you've put in. Good luck on your travels and please be sure to post periodic reports, good and bad, to update us on your adventure.

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For pure hiking and camping, without fishing, swing by Escalante UT. Drive out the Hole in the Rock Road. Camp just about anywhere, with tons of slot canyons to explore. You can follow the road all the way down to the rim above Lake Powell. (the namesake Hole in the Rock was a notch blasted in the rim by Mormon settlers who wanted to get some carts down the bluff). Camping around Dance Hall Rock is good.

If you want truly remote, wild country swing out in the Henry Mtns of UT.
Or you could check out the grand gulch primitive area, the only place I have been in utah. its REMOTE and Amazing, but no fishing. lots of ancient Anasazi ruins.

UT- If you like sight fishing to large browns and rainbows
Green River a/b sections a must, camp at firemans
Strawberry River if run off is not to high, not the reservoir you can cast from the banks of a lake any time
Provo River isn't bad, great scenery and you can camp on the river
I'm assuming you and your buddies are doing this for fun so the Temple/Great Salt Lake/Ant Island should not make your list. Do not go to SLC its garbage. Park City is a good place to grab some grub and drinks before heading to WY or on your way through. No Name Saloon has good burgers and a shuffle board table. Oshuck's is a ski bum hideout.
S. utah any of the parks are great for hiking/camping/mnt bike riding (moab). Eddie McStiffs is a decent brewery.

ID-Silver Creek if its not closed, Salmon



Grad student, in fishing, and in life.
Thanks for all the awesome info guys! I will definitely try to incorporate a few of those idea into my trip!