removing epoxy?

Dripped some epoxy on the rod and didn't notice it until after it was dried. It's stuck on pretty good. Any ideas on how to remove dried epoxy without damaging the blank?

If difficult to scrape off use a hair dryer or other heat source and it will soften right up. For clean up I usually use acetone but most recommend alcohol as safer. Depending on the blank acetone can remove finish.
Don't use a heat gun, might damage the blank. Hair dryer should be OK. When I have removed epoxy to change guides or to redo them, I used my fingernail and a credit card, being careful not to scratch the finish.

Greg Holt

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Just had to chime in, since we're sharing recipies:
I had to remove four wrapped and epoxied guides tonite preparatory to a re-wrap. After the usual cutting on top surface of guide foot, and "peeling the orange" so to speak, and unwinding all thread, I was still left with a nasty mess on the blank. After reading the above suggestions, I tried a Pink Pearl pencil eraser, like we used as kids in grade school, as it builds up a good bit of residual heat as it grabs and rolls the remaining epoxy into a gummy accumulation, easily removed with rubbing alcohol. More alcohol, thumbnail scraping,and a VERY light touch from a brand new double edge razor blade left the blank in nearly new condition.
If anybody tries this technique, make sure the eraser is NOT an ink eraser--it will almost certainly mar the finish on the blank. I would go so far as to suggest a test erase on a scrap piece of blank, say a cork reamer, before attempting.

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